Turn your curiosity into an asset.

Hear stories from other curious and creative humans
Stoke Your Curiosity

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The Curious Hero Podcast

hosted by Tom Polifka
There is no better time than now to transform your curiosity into assets by building upon your expertise and passions in a digital business. Tom Polifka explores the stories of similar people who took a chance on themselves and stayed curious.
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"When I started working with Tom I didn't have any systems in place and was functioning in a hot mess. I had 100K followers on IG but not the sales to show for it. I just had my first six-figure year and 100% it would not have happened without his guidance."
Kelsey Rowell
Founder of Whole Life Nurse


Inspiration from people just like you.

Hear stories from others who wanted more and were curious enough to adventure into the unknown.
Krista Kehoe
Life Coach
"If I could have hired Tom one on one to do all my technology I would have because I've known how successful he was online. I can't even believe what I was able to accomplish with his support and training."
Todd Hart
Mindfulness Coach
"Sold my first digital course using ads! I don't have a tech background and I get frustrated with it all. What I love about Tom is he has everything in one place to start an online business. He really cares about your success!"
Ronda Arndorfer
Mental Wellness Coach
"I've hired coaches and taken other marketing courses and have felt like I was throwing my money away until working with Tom. He empowered us to not only learn the best practices but implement them ourselves."
JoAnn Keller
Hands For Living
"Tom Polifka you're a genius at online business, but also at helping "regular" brick and mortar entrepreneurs to see how online business tools can enhance their practice!"
Kyler Graff
Pro Painters
"What I realized is I had gaps in my systems that needed to be filled so I can maximize revenue and our customer experience. It was really beneficial for me to see how other people use systems in their business and take the best ideas for ours."
Angela Wagner
Angela Wagner Yoga
"I never thought I'd be an online yoga business owner until Tom convinced me to put my yoga training online. My yoga studio closed in 2020 and now it's a global community. You can tell Tom cares about you and wants you to succeed."
Ashly Bright
Wellness Coach
"Tom is the real deal...I've taken many courses before but nothing like his. I wanted to jump ahead but his foundational steps were really the key to my success."
Amy Pelkey
"I've been successful in a lot of areas in my life and online business was not easy for me. Now I believe I have the proper foundation where I can find the answer and even do most of the work. After working with Tom I realized I can do it and understand it."

Take your curiosity seriously...