Building an Email Story Sales Machine with Bill Mueller

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Building an Email Story Sales Machine with Bill Mueller

Do you look forward to receiving emails from a business? For most people their email inbox is filled up each with hundreds of emails shouting for attention and trying to get you to do something like buy their product.

Business owners know that email is a proven marketing method with the highest return on investment of any online medium. For this reason they know the importance of getting subscribers to open their emails and click on the call-to-action. There is one big problem though.

People don't want to open just any email.

My guest on episode 35 of The Curious Hero Podcast will share how to get subscribers excited to receive your emails and turn you into the only email they are excited to open. Bill Mueller joins me in this episode to discuss how to create an email story sales machine.

Bill is a former journalist who got into internet marketing 20 years ago.  He now helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants sell more and sell better with story-based marketing.

"Everybody's everybody is so obsessed with subject lines and they are important because that's the only way they're going to open it, right. But if you consistently write entertaining, interesting emails, you're going to open it because the person is sending it. Not what's in the subject line because even if the subject line is maybe meh, you're like, well, this guy can turn into something pretty good." - Bill Mueller

After I purchased his Story Sales Machine training I instantly got excited for each email he would send. The emails are not super fancy templates, they're authentic and interesting.

One email that caught my attention was the story of The Fosbury Flop.

This email was so intriguing and captured my attention the entire time that I forgot about what Bill was selling. It wasn't until he made a transition at the end of the story into what he wanted me to do next that I saw the power in these type of emails.

I got so excited to learn more about how to incorporate story into emails that I invited Bill onto the podcast to share with everyone.

If you want to see some examples of these emails be sure to listen to the episode where Bill gives you a way to get free access to them or you could just buy his Story Sales Machine workshop.

I know you will get a lot from this episode and I would love to hear what you think after getting his emails.

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