The Business of Micro Influencers with Morgan Tyner

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The Business of Micro Influencers

Big brands often over-look social media marketers with less than 100,000 followers. This is just fine with Morgan Tyner as she knows exactly what small businesses need and helps micro-influencers fill the void left on social media. Don't miss two golden nuggets during our conversation today that could cost you thousands of dollars in future earnings online as an influencer.

There is big business opportunity for small businesses that work with the right influencers online. Morgan helps micro influencers have less overwhelm, more money, and healthy boundaries when authentically growing online.

Golden Nuggets Every Influencer Needs To Know

During our conversation there were two specific topics that every micro-influencer should know but most don't. If you only listen to a few minutes of this podcast make sure you listen to these conversations:

Time stamp 19:15 - How to ask other influencers about working with brands they promoted.

Time stamp 28:20 - The Perpetuity Clause most micro-influencers are unaware of when signing contracts with brands.

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