How To Validate a Business Idea Before You Create a Product with Kyler Graff

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How To Validate a Business Idea Before You Create a Product with Kyler Graff

Any entrepreneur will tell you that coming up with ideas is easy. What's hard is knowing if those ideas will turn into profitable businesses. This is where Kyler Graff has excelled in his journey of entrepreneurship and he has some incredible lessons to share if you are trying to get started in business.

Kyler started his first business at the age of 10 by solving one of the most common problems any pet owner will face, poop. When he started mowing lawns he also realized that many homeowners with pets needed help cleaning up after their dog's messes. Offering both lawn care and pet waste removal (that's a technical term for it) he was able to make more money from each customer and they were happy to have both problems solved. This concept would serve him well in future years when he launched his residential painting company.

Even with technology changing at a rapid pace every business will still need to validate an offer before committing too many resources into a new venture. Kyler shares how he proves if a business idea will work before getting too deep in the backend of the business as he calls it. Listen in and take notes because this episode could quiet literally save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in your next venture.

Kyler Graff is now involved with 4 separate businesses.

⁃ Crypto Currency Mining
Renewable Energy with Solar
Residential and Commercial painting
⁃ Snowmobile rentals

In 2015, after leaving the oil fields in Williston, ND, Kyler moved back to Colorado and Started up his first official company called Pro Painters. The crazy part was he never had painted a house before. He utilized his connections and “YouTube” to paint the first house. Fast forward, Pro Painters now operates with over 15 painters that paint hundreds of houses a year, as well as unique commercial projects like the Ferrari dealership and Private airports.

After being very hands-on the first couple years, Kyler started his next company called GM mining which specializes in Using Asic machines to mine Bitcoin. In just a few short months he scaled the operations to mining a Bitcoin every 90 days. At the time, the market had dropped significantly making it a challenge to stay profitable. Kyler was looking to find how he could lower the cost of electricity with his mining operation and stumbled into renewable energy with Solar.

Kyler partnered with 2 individuals Kota Ivers and Eric Wright and formed Seed Solar. In just over 9 months they were able to create a team and sell over 200 KW  of solar power to residential customers in 5 different states. The company is rapidly growing with the new push for people to find cheaper/reliable power.

Kyler couldn’t just stop there.... at the end of last year Kyler and his dad Partnered together and started Av Escape Rentals. They both share a huge passion for snowmobiling and wanted to share that with others. Using the skills he built up from his other businesses they were able to launch and rent snowmobiles to other enthusiasts like themselves. Even though Kyler doesn’t spend a lot of time on this company, he likes it the best out of all of them.

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