From Cosmopolitan Magazine to Creative Entrepreneur with Andy Greenhouse

From Cosmopolitan Magazine to Creative Entrepreneur with Andy Greenhouse

Andy is a creative director, director and co-founder of video agency Swhype, based in the UK.
With a fascination in film, after studying for a degree in graphic design, he moved to London to become a freelance runner and production assistant, before falling into the women's magazine industry after taking some freelance work. He quickly moved his way up from designer of a teen mag to Creative Director of Cosmopolitan (UK).

Meanwhile Andy kept his foothold in the film world by hosting indie-film events, a video podcast and a mobile film festival called Cannes in a Van, with eventual sponsorship from Ford.

In 2010 he left the publishing world to follow his dream of starting his own business – at first design and web- focused, then co-founding a 'creative motion agency’, providing animation and live-action video for brands and businesses.

Andy’s interest in personal and professional development began while running the company as a way to manage the increasing workload that running a business brings. With no background in business he learned from the ground – this hunger for business learning led to the Scwair1 project – an initiative that explores how to start and grow a business from scratch in 2020 and beyond, from a new perspective.

He currently runs a co-mentoring mastermind called The Mentor Exchange and hosts a podcast called Video Talks for creators, marketers and business owners who want to improve their video capabilities. He is also launching his own personal brand as The Creative Video Coach.

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