Build Digital Real Estate Like Playing Monopoly

Build Digital Real Estate Like Playing Monopoly

The most incredible opportunity in investing isn't in housing it's in digital real estate. Do you remember playing Monopoly the board game? If so this episode will open your eyes to the world of building digital assets just like putting a hotel on Park Place.

Online business is becoming the new gold rush and digital assets are a real thing. What if I told you that an entrepreneur with a passion for golf was able to build a website that later turned into 2 million members in a paid community. Then that digital asset was acquired by the Golf Channel and NBC sports for an undisclosed amount of money, likely surpassing $100 million. Now that is the kind of digital real estate I would invest in.

Digital real estate isn't created overnight, it takes three core components that I share in this episode. I encourage any entrepreneur who wants to build a digital asset listen to this episode.

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